【tdr0253】You never thought of it! Which snack doesn’t sell at Tokyo Disney Resort?


Tokyo Disney Resort sells various snacks.

Typical Chocolates or cookies are packed in cute can case, which is park limited, so it is popular for survivor.

So, shops inside the park sell various snacks other than chocolates or cookies, but “some snack”, which is familiar to use doesn’t sell at convenience store or kiosk.

That snack is….”chewing gum”.

Usually it has various flavors and shape and because it is so cheap, so it is typical snack, but Tokyo Disney Resort does not carry it even one shop.

The reason Tokyo Disney Resort doesn’t carry the chewing gum is because it is troublesome when people throw it away.

To throw chewing gum, it is manner to wrap the chewing gum with paper, but some people who have bad manner throw away on the ground.

It would be troublesome when other people step on that chewing gum.

It doesn’t come off that easily even trying to take it off, the shoes will be ruined, and it makes the ground dirty that makes quality of dreamland poor.

Plus when seeing a provocative person who is chewing gum with making it sound … you probably get irritated. By such reasons, Tokyo Disney Resort doesn’t sell chewing gum.

If every single person have good manner then this wouldn’t be necessary, but may be it is necessary thing to do to enjoy.

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