【tdr0248】The reason why Disney Resort couldn’t reopen sooner is because of planned power outage?


“Tohoku Pacific Ocean earthquake”, which was the most disastrous earthquake on record occurred at Tohoku region on 2011, March 11th.

This also affected Disney Resort.

Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo DisneySea and buildings that are related to Disney like hotels fortunately did not get any damage. Although, to point out one thing then 20 to 30 cars tire that parked in parking lot sank in the ground due to liquefaction. Repair work was done quickly and building, facilities, attractions or other safety confirmation was performed and Tokyo Disney Resort was in a condition of reopening in a week after the tragedy.

Even though Tokyo Disney Resort was ready to reopening, but it could not open that easily.

In the first place there was a electricity problem.

Because the accident of Fukushima 1 Nuclear Power Plant the amount of power that supplied dropped and planned power outage was occurred. This planned power outage occurred to Tokyo DisneySea too. Tokyo Disneyland had damage of liquefaction of parking and suspension of water supply, so it was removed from the target of planned power outage, but because Tokyo DisneySea did not have much damage, so it was subjected as planned power outage area.

There is generator inside the Tokyo Disney Resort, but it only had function of auxiliary power for emergency and this cannot run the whole park. Because planned power outage was occurred and everyone was conscious about saving power, so even it did solve the problem of power and started to operate like any other days then Disney probably have received tons of complain.

A week after the earthquake Tokyo Disney Resort had hope of reopening, but repair work of damaged roads, transportation, and subsidence weren’t completed and lack of fuel or lack of materials, which made people panicking weren’t settled yet.

Even Tokyo Disney Resort did reopened during such time people would not even visit. That wasn’t a minor matter.

So, Tokyo Disney Resort reopened after 1 month from the earthquake, which was on 2011, April. 15th.

And this day is the day Tokyo Disneyland first opened.

To arrange the day of reopening on the day of Tokyo Disneyland first opened…. is the perfect way of restarting.

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