【tdr0244】How come waiting line called Q line at Disney Resort?


Several ten thousand of people visit the greatest theme park of Japan “Tokyo Disney Resort” from all over the Japan.

That many of guests regardless of age or gender are entering the park, so to wait for the attraction is common thing and on weekends or national holidays the waiting time gets over an hour.

Even during the long vacation sometime 100,000 people visit Disney Resort and the waiting time gets 4 to 6 hours, which is awful numbers of hours.

It is obvious that popular theme park gets crowded, so seeing endless line is such a normal thing.

So, this waiting line Disney has different way of calling this line.

Disney calls it “Q line”. It sounds fancy isn’t it?

But why would it call “Q line”?

Actually “queue” and “line” is the origin of this word.

Queue is British English and “line” is American English and both mean the same that indicates a line of waiting people or vehicle. They decided to put both together to call “Queue line” and it got shorten then became “Q line”.

To translate that simply it is “line line”… It feels they are emphasizing it.

It is strange that both means the same, but has different word for it. American English and British English is still English, so these differences are strange.

I guess when the country is different slight differences occur.

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