【tdr0240】Decision that Tokyo Disney Resort made when Tohoku Pacific Ocean earthquake was hit.


On 2001, March 11th at 2:46pm, northeastern Japan was attacked by huge disaster. Unbelievably big earthquake, which was magnitude 9 of “Tohoku Pacific Ocean earthquake” occurred and it affected all over the Japan in blink of eye while making people become its victims.

Problems occurred one after another like tsunami, nuclear accidents, subsidence, lack or power, and lack of materials and many people were panicking about it.

During such time, the earthquake affected Tokyo Disney Resort, which is far away from the seismic center. Certain area of parking became liquefaction and collapsed and guests who were visiting Tokyo Disney Resort could not go anywhere. But how casts behaved and lead them not to get panic was solid and was impressive.

After that Tokyo Disney Resort decided to close for more than a week.

They closed the Disney parks to check up on buildings and facilities of the Disney parks and for safety check, but there was another big reason for it.

Which is power.

Necessary amount of electricity is nothing you can imagine when the scale gets big as Tokyo Disney Resort. Because Fukushima 1 Nuclear Power Plant was destroyed eastern Japan had days of not having enough of power. It would be a problem to open the Tokyo Disney Resort by using huge amount of power while planned power outage was performed and every home was saving electricity. That is why Oriental Land decided to close the Tokyo Disney Resort long term, which never happened before.

Few years passed from the earthquake there is tons of unsolved problems are piled up and places don’t have sign of restoration, I hope that those problems get solve soon.

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