【tdr0229】There is an event that you can get the Disney items that only exists one in the world.


At Disney parks there are “props” display at ships or attractions.

Props are prepared according to the facility from items that are pretty to items that are made finely, so you never get bored of looking at those. Also, new props are prepared according to events like Halloween or Christmas, so there are tons of guests trying to take pictures having those in background.

So, props that renew every season or events. It gets renew which means it never reuse. Then you get curious about where those used props go. It gets thrown away?? Don’t worry they would never do such thing.

Actually several props that finish their duty will be up for an auction.

That auction name is called “Tokyo Disney Resort Disnyana Fan Festival”.
(This is a rare event that professional auctioneer proceed the event and compete for Disney goods that is only exists one in the world.)

Of course guest who puts the highest unit price make the successful bid and can receive the props.

This is the only event that has an opportunity of getting props, which exists only one in the world, so if you are a Disney fan this should be one of event that wish to participate.

In the past, a prop of “Scrooge McDucks”, which was at in front of McDuck’s Department Store was auctioned for $4,400 at 5th anniversary of Tokyo DisneySea.

This is still not that expensive when it gets expensive it easily exceeds $10,000.

I may be nagging you, but to get props that only exists one in the world, so the way price gets high is nothing you can do. And this event is held irregularly, so the auctioned price gets higher.

“Tokyo Disney Resort Disneyana Fan Festival held already three times in 2008, 2010, and 2013.

When will the auction be next?

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