【tdr0225】The amount of electric power that Tokyo Disney Resort consume is not a problem?


Tokyo Disney Resort’s colorful light up, lively attractions, and astonishing parades make us to think if we are in land of fairytale. But to maintain the land of fairytale it needs to consume unbelievable amount of electricity.

Tokyo Disney Resort’s electricity consumption is about 570,000kWh per day.

This is 50,000 times more than ordinary house consuming electricity a day.

Of course electricity bill is unbelievably expensive. To calculate simply with 20 cents per 1kWh Tokyo Disney Resort get $114,000 per day, more than $3 million per month, and $40 million per year of electricity bill. When the theme park is the Japan biggest than the bill gets the Japan biggest too.

Disney Resort uses this much of electricity, so when there wasn’t enough of electricity due to nuclear accident occurred by Tohoku Pacific Ocean earthquake, which happened in 2011, March 11th Tokyo Disney Resort had to close.

During that time planned power outage was occurred and people were conscious with saving power, so Tokyo Disney Resort wasn’t in a condition of opening the park and if it reopened too soon people would complain no matter if it was Disney or not.

Which also means people had knowledge of “Tokyo Disney Resort uses unbelievable amount of electricity”.

But think about it for moment…

To sum up simply the number of guests coming to Tokyo Disney Resort, number of casts working, and full time employee there are about 70,000 to 80,000 people. This many people coming to Tokyo Disney Resort, so these people’s houses aren’t using electricity while they are at Tokyo Disney Resort right?

If their family member stayed at home few amount of electricity would be reduced.

So, the idea of electricity consumption gets increased because Tokyo Disney Resort restarted to open is false. Tokyo Disney Resort that uses electricity of 50,000 households per day gathers more than 50,000 people every day…

We tend to think “it is surprising how Tokyo Disney Resort uses unbelievable amount of electricity”, but it is important not to forget, because that many guests are coming to Tokyo Disney Resort that much of electricity is required.

It may be good to think guests using electricity at Tokyo Disney Resort, which they supposed to use at home.

Even now after planned power outage people are conscious about ecology and recommended saving power. Of course it is very important, but to blame on Tokyo Disney Resort that using electricity without thinking is different.

The thing that you shouldn’t forget is that Tokyo Disney Resort is the land of fairytale. When people blame the land of fairytale about electricity or such it makes it way too real.

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