【tdr0223】There is a way of avoiding the admission limit?


The greatest enormous theme park in Japan “Tokyo Disney Resort”.

Everyday many guests visit Tokyo Disney Resort from all over the Japan. The number of guests always exceeds ten thousand people. Irrespective of age or sex, weekdays or weekends this many of people come and visit Tokyo Disney Resort, so waiting for attractions inside the park is just normal.

During long weekend like golden week, sometime 100,000 people are visiting the Tokyo Disney Resort….

People cannot move around even it is enormous theme park when that many people coming to Disney Resort, so they would have to limit the people entering the park. Admission limit for Tokyo Disneyland aim 80,000 people and 50,000 people for Tokyo DisneySea.

When this much of people enter the Tokyo Disney Resort people would have to wait few minutes to grab a snack and with attractions it gets to the level whether you could get on or not until the park closes.

I am sure they are people who will experience coming to Tokyo Disney Resort and ended up just waiting… Of course when the admission limit occurred some people of course would not be able to get into the park.

When that happens, it is awful.

But there is one way of avoiding that awful limitation.

The way is to stay at “Disney Hotel” or “Tokyo Disney Resort Official Hotel”.

When staying at hotels that apply above “Tokyo Disney Resort hotel guest card (certificate of staying at hotel)” will be issued when there is admission limit. And when you have this card you can get into the park even there is limitation. (*Tokyo Disney Resort hotel guest card is only valid for on the day. It cannot be used any other days.)

Also, you can purchase park tickets inside the Disney Hotels or official hotels, so you can enjoy the Disney Resort without rushing than other guests.

If you don’t want to get troublesome experience like admission limit than it would be better to stay at Disney hotels or official hotels.

Actually Disney hotels have more benefits than official hotels, so compare what they have when you are considering staying either hotel.

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