【tdr0220】How much the electricity bill Tokyo Disney Resort get?


The amount Disney Resort use electricity a day is 50,000 times more than the consumption of electricity of ordinary home, which is 570,000kwh. This is unbelievable amount of electricity, so of course the bill becomes unbelievable too.

So, how much of electricity bill Tokyo Disney Resort receive?

To calculate 1kWh $0.20….


Tokyo Disneyland uses $114,000 of electricity.

Therefore,one month it becomes more than $300 million and in the year it becomes more than $4 billion….

Even though it is the greatest theme park of Japan, you never thought of Tokyo Disneyland uses this much of electricity. This price is beyond comparison with other facilities.

So, I have made the list of how much of electricity bill other facilities get, so check it up.

Tokyo Dome City: about $100 million
Rainbow Bridge: about $6,000
Tokyo Tower: about $6,300
Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office: about $650,000
Tokyo National Museum: about $100,000

Tokyo Dome City’s electricity bill is quite expensive, but is no near the Tokyo Disney Resort’s electricity bill. I was surprised how expensive the electricity bill of Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office, but what did you think?

Because Tokyo Disney Resort is using so much electricity that is why Tokyo Disney Resort remain as a dreamland. If Tokyo Disney Resort started to save up the electricity it probably drifts far from the concept of dreamland.

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