【tdr0216】What is picnic area that you can eat your own lunch box?


When enjoying the attractions or shopping at Disney Park surely makes you get hungry. There are 100’s of restaurants, café, or fast food and also you can have choices of Japanese or Western … so never know what to eat.

Although, when you get “I want this, I want that” then you need to consider about circumstances of the wallet. The price is theme park priced and is not that cheap, so when coming with family it is quite a problem.

The piece of good news for those is “bring own lunch box”.

But it is prohibited to bring own food to Disney parks, so you cannot eat inside. Then may be people think “there is no point bringing the own lunch box if it cannot be eaten”, but Tokyo Disney Resort have prepared place that allows you to eat the lunch box.

The place that allows you to eat is “Picnic Area”, which exists outside the Disney park. You would have to go out the Disney Park, but it is prepared considering people who brought the lunch box, so why not.

It doesn’t mean you cannot feel the Disney because it is outside the Disney Park. Actually there is “hidden Mickey” hiding at Picnic Area too. And it’s just not the simple symbol mark of three circles.

The place hidden Mickey is hiding is Picnic Area that provided at Tokyo DisneySea.

Tokyo DisneySea has 2 Picnic Areas, but go to Picnic Area that located between the “Tokyo DisneySea Station and “Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta”.

On the stone wall of the building there is places that has double of stone piled up in arch shape and there are uneven stones are piled up, so pay attention to that “uneven stones”. Towards the above of uneven stones there is stone that has Mickey Mouse’s face with expression looking slightly the left side is mixed.

Mickey Mouse having expression on his face is very rare “hidden Mickey”, so it would be great to search for that while having lunch with having picnic spirits.

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