【tdr0215】There are so many casts who are able to do something for the guests at Tokyo Disney Resort.


It is no exaggeration to say that Tokyo Disney Resort is the best theme park of Japan.

The economic crises didn’t even hit the Tokyo Disney Resort that the total visitor of Tokyo DisneySea in 2013 (2013, April to 2014, March) increased 13.8% compare to the previous year and reached the record high of 31,298,000 people (in a year).

To calculate simply, 70,000 to 90,000 of guests are visiting per day.

Tokyo Disney Resort gathers that many guests from all over the Japan and of course there are guests from other countries or people who have disabilities.

Tokyo Disney Resort is has barrier free design to make people who have disabilities to have fun like others and also there is training to provide appropriate service to those.

That training is so full and there is sign language course.

This is a course for casts to attend appropriately for people with hearing impairments and this is done very professionally. Casts who have authorized at this course become a level of able to talk in sign language.

Now there are 100 casts who can talk using sign language.

There are also casts who deliver the show with dance sign language, which is called sign language performer. To deliver with dance and sign language is such an original idea. This can be enjoyed even you have disability with ears.

Although, to find the casts who can use sign language is very difficult. To find the special cast, look at their nameplate. With cast who can use sign language there is blue pin badge with Mickey crossing the arms on the nameplate.

This will make you easy to find them.

To provide 100 of casts who can use sign language is not that easy. When it is Disney the scale is different.

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