【tdr0214】How much Disney Resort use electricity?


Tokyo Disney Resort is always full of life with various attractions, shows, and parades.

During the day is always fun, but there is different quality of fun at night.

The atmosphere changes completely by illuminated is the attraction.
The atmosphere becomes different than the ordinary it is fairytale-like and is so beautiful.

And the typical Disney’s night event “Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade Dream Line” is must see. Other than a million of decorative illumination, it uses LED, optical fiber, and LED lights and performance that performed on the lighted up float is exceptional. The parade that performs during the day is also beautiful, but elegant and fantastic worldview can only see and feel with electrical parade at night.

It makes you feel as if you are in the dreamland by surrounded by colorful and lively, but matter of fact when it is illuminated this much you get curious about electricity consumption. I am sorry to talk about this realistic topic, which doesn’t suit for dreamland, but as you think Disney Resort use unbelievable amount of electricity.

The consumption of electricity of Tokyo Disneyland is 570,000kWh per day.

It is so big that this number may not click with some people, but this is more than 50,000 times of electricity consumption of regular houses. The electricity consumption with night baseball game at Tokyo Dome is 50,000 to 60,000 kWh per game. Therefore the consumption of electricity at Tokyo Disney Resort is 10 night games at Tokyo Dome. Although, I am sure you still don’t have an idea how big that is.

Then how about explaining this way, the amount of electricity that one home use up in 1561 years Tokyo Disney Resort use up in a day. This might made you confused more, but to say one thing that electricity that used in ridiculous time at home can be consumed in a blink of eye at Tokyo Disney Resort.

To make the dream worldview, Tokyo Disney Resort is consuming unbelievable amount of electricity.

When the consumption of electricity is 50,000 times more than the usual home then of course the bill get 50,000 times.

Behind us the guests spending fairytale-like time it is consuming unbelievable amount of electricity and is paid… to think that it makes you draw back to the reality from the dream.

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