【tdr0207】Earthquake disaster destroyed the important road of Disney Resort?


Tohoku-Pacific Ocean Earthquake that occurred in 2011, March 11th.

It marked the biggest earthquake in Japan, which was magnitude 9 and it destroyed hugely the Eastern Japan.

By this earthquake the liquefaction damaged from Tohoku the stricken area to Kanto and it also damaged area that ground is not firm, which tend to liquefaction happens easily like Tonegawa River, inland district of Saitama prefecture, Chiba prefecture and caused so many things like house inclined, holes on the rode.

Also, diastrophism that happens follow by earthquake caused subsidence on Sendai plain, coast, and flatlands.

The roads like turnpike 15 routes, directory controlled national road 69 sections, prefectures management national road 102 sections, prefectural road 540 sections were closed. Especially the national road route 45, which runs from Sendai, Miyagi prefecture, which is the main stricken to Sanriku coast vertically or roads that runs on Pacific Ocean side was damaged severely and many roads were closed.

The damage with ground and rods caused by Tohoku-Pacific Ocean Earthquake tells us how big the tragedy was.

It was so big that Tokyo Disney Resort also got ground damage by the earthquake.

And actually the “important road” in life was destroyed.

The road is “aisle where a bride walks”.

Tokyo Disney Resort is providing popular wedding program “Disney Fairytale Wedding”. The important ceremony that makes a vow with your love one while surrounded by Mickey Mouse and other Disney characters is such a dreamy program.

It was the popular program that reservation was fully booked until the next 6 months, but the earthquake happened and it was just not possible to do weddings. As I have explained above the roads and grounds were damaged at many places, so public transports were seriously damaged and Disney Resort had to close by lack of electricity…. It could not be helped.

At that time the weddings were postponed, which wasn’t just Tokyo Disney Resort, but it was unfortunate for people who was preparing to throw a wedding at Disney Resort.

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