【tdr0164】Something special can be eaten at Tokyo Disney Resort?


Event rush from the end of the tear to New Year’s countdown is always pleasant. I am sure a lot of people greet the New Year having various wish, expectation towards New Year, or freshness. And you will realize that new year has began by eating “Osechi (which is special dishes prepared for the New Year)”… this is the Japanese tradition.

So, I see many people running around to prepare the Osechi the end of the year or reserving it at some restaurants, but did you know that you could have “Osechi” at Tokyo Disney Resort too?

Restaurants that can be eaten “Osechi” is listed below.

*Tokyo Disneyland: Restaurant Hokusai.

It is one and only Japanese restaurant in Tokyo Disneyland, which located inside the World Bazaar. The menu is created by pure Japanese and you can also feel Japanese by listening to background music that used koto or shamisen. The Osechi is provided from the 1st of January to 3rd of January and also from June to July the limited food “Tanabata Zen” will be provided.

*Tokyo DisneySea: Restaurant Sakura.

This is creative cuisine restaurant that is Japanese based, which is located inside the American Waterfront. This is “creative cuisine restaurant” so there isn’t pure Japanese menu like “Restaurant Hokusai” has. This restaurant is also providing Osechi from the 1st to 3rd of January.

Also on the 31st of December, “Toshikoshi Soba” is provided during on magic hour, so you can complete the Japanese New Year’s eve events at Tokyo Disney Resort.

Have fun completely, eat Toshikoshi Soba, to count down, and eat Osechi….

To do all of it at Tokyo Disney Resort is quite luxurious and great. How about considering to go to Tokyo Disney Resort on this year’s New Year’s eve?

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