【tdr0155】A living fossil at Tokyo Disney Resort?


There is a plant that called “A living fossil” that exists since ancient time is “Wollemi Pine”

It is araucariaceae of evergreen tree that also called as “scientific name:Wollemia nobilis” and is a very rare plant that only exists 50 in the world.

That rare plant is actually planted in Tokyo Disney Resort.

The place that plan is planted is in front of the tunnel that leading to the world of dinosaur by Western River Railroad of Tokyo Disneyland and also planted at the Tokyo Disney Resort of Port Discovery and fastpass box office of Storm Rider.

But why the rare plant that is “living fossile” is planted at Tokyo Disney Resort?

In 2004 “Hamanakako Flower Expo” was held at Hamanakako Garden Park, which located in Shizuoka prefecture.

At that time, three of “Wollemi Pine” was delivered from Australia, but it was decided to donate when the Expo was finished. It was donated to “resident of prince Akishino”, “Hamanakako Garden Park”, and “Tokyo Disney Resot”.

So, it still now growing at Tokyo Disney Resort.

It is so rare and you don’t have much opportunity to see this plant, so it would be a great opportunity to see the “living fossil” for once in your lifetime.

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