【tdr0149】”Spirit of Tokyo Disney Resort” that acknowledging between casts.


Casts that attend the guests every day with smile and not forgetting about ambition.

He or she having pure thought of pleasing the guests, so us the guests make the most of it in the dreamland. To be the wonderful theme park, amazing casts power is necessary.

Although, casts are human too. The power cannot be performed not having “opportunity” that makes their motivation or ambition.

So, Tokyo Disney Resort is putting effort with ES activity (employee satisfaction) and since 1991, event of “Spirit of Tokyo Disney Resort” as part of ES activity is held once a year.

This event starts with exchanging messages between the casts on certain period.

The message is mainly to acknowledging or to praise like “evaluated the wonderful attend” or “message by seeing how hard they are working”. And based on the result of exchanging, select few “nominator of spirit award” and “spirit award pin”, that can put on the name tag will be given to the winner.

The “spirit award pin” has “Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse holding hand together” that is shape longer square and elliptic shape. The pin colors changes by the times of receiving the award.

*First time: entire pin is silver.
*Second time: frame is gold and other area is silver.
*Third time: entire pin is gold.

The cast who has this pin is “a cast that recognized from other casts”. It is not that easy to recognized from other casts.

The casts have to win three times to reach to the gold pin. The casts who are wearing gold pin, he or she is the professional cast.

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