【tdr0131】It cancels when it’s clear and sunny? The circumstances of fireworks of Tokyo Disney Resort.


One of the enjoyable things at Tokyo Disneyland at night is a firework that shoots up in the night sky. The fireworks that shines having illuminated attractions of park behind and jet-black sky is so beautiful that it touches many people’s hearts.

And the Disney music colors the beautiful moment. It is so romantic that makes you feel prince or princess of fairy tale.

There are many guests visiting the Disney Resort for the purpose of fireworks, because it gives you an opportunity to spend beautiful time. Many people take that as last event of the day.

Then you want to avoid “fireworks to be cancel”.

I am sure some people check the weather forecast before hand to have an idea of “it would be fine because it is not rainy”, but it doesn’t mean it won’t be cancel for surely. It is because sometime they cancel the fireworks even it is clear and sunny.

When the fireworks is canceled even it is clear and sunny… it is unconvincing for the guests. But to shoot up the fireworks there is “a certain term” to cleared other than rain.

That term is “direction of the wind”.

It is determined to cancel when having “strong wind that exceeding 22.36 mile per second” or “when the wind blowing from South” by considering people who lives around. Back in time there was an accident that cinders of fireworks was blown away with wind and landed on the house, the owner complained about it.

Since that to prevent making the house dirty by cinders or worst situation of making fire the standard of shooting up the fireworks was decided strictly.

Therefore the fireworks tend to cancel from the rainy season to summer that wind blows often from the South.

I am sure many people visit Disney parks in the time of summer vacation. If you are visiting the park in the summer and planning to see the fireworks as the main event, then it would be better to call up the Disney Resort beforehand.

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