【tdr0088】The name of huge shopping mall “Ikspiari” is coming from where?


In 2000, July 7th, shopping mall “Ikspiari” was opened inside the Tokyo Disney Resort.

Although, as the slogan of “town that has full of stories and entertainments”, Ikspiari has fascinating theme zone and shops that cannot go around in a day and is always crowded since it opened.

This shopping mall is indispensible with Tokyo Disney Resort, but this shopping mall is owned and planned by Oriental Land, not Disneyland and Ikspiari Co., Ltd., which is subsidiary of Oriental Land is managing and operating.

So, this “Ikspiari”, it is “non-Disney”, which is not well known, but the origin of the name of shopping mall isn’t well known either. It has beautiful sounds like lapis lauli, but what kind of meaning does it have?

Actually “Ikspuari” is coined word that was made by connecting 2 words.

○Peri/ fairy with white bird wings that appears on Persian mythology.

To connect these two words, the name of “Ikspiari” was born. By knowing the origin of the name, the message of wishing to experience various things at “town that has full of stories and entertainments” become clear.

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