【tdr0084】Mysterious atmosphere of Ikspiari.


“Ikspiari” is a shopping mall that opened inside the Tokyo Disney Resorts in July 2000.

This shopping mall is indispensible with Tokyo Disney Resort, but this shopping mall is owned and planned by Oriental Land, not Disneyland and Ikspiari Co., Ltd., which is subsidiary of Oriental Land is managing and operating.

So, as a general rule, characters won’t appear and guests and casts cannot wear Disney character goods or accessories in this facility that it is “non-Disney area”.

Although, as the slogan of “town that has full of stories and entertainments”, Ikspiari has fascinating theme zone and shops that cannot go around in a day.

“Ikspiari” has a floor that has mysterious contrive that can say that it is one of entertainments.

The floor is “Cinema Ikspiari” on the second floor.

When going inside the “Cinema Ikspiari”, walk until the center of floor that shapes octagonal. You can experience mysterious thing when speaking on the octagonal… the voice of yours reverberant and can hear in bigger sound. Amazingly, the voice can only reach to the people who are inside the octagonal rather than everybody in that floor.

If you have a chance to visit “Ikspiari”, I recommend you to experience the mysterious atmosphere. If you are too shy to speak out then it would be a great idea to walk loudly.

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