【tdr0057】How not to miss the out-of-the-blue mini-events in Disney Parks


Did you know that in Tokyo Disney Resort small events not written on the pamphlet are held every day? There may be many people who have seen some performance suddenly started right in front of you.

It may be good to encounter such performance as a surprise, but some may want to know the schedule of the events beforehand, so that they can enjoy the events in a planned way while going around the attractions.

In fact, although not written on the pamphlet, these events are pre-scheduled and controlled. And it is possible for the guests to know the schedule in advance.

One option is to ask a cast member directly, but the best way is to visit the information service center and ask “can you tell me the schedule for today’s mini-events?” Both Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea have such facility in them.

The information service centers are located in:

* Tokyo Disneyland: Main Street House
* Tokyo DisneySea: Guest Relations

Both are located near the entrances, so you can stop by the centers right after entering the parks to check the schedule. These centers also offer message service, lost and found service, etc. So in case you get into trouble, e.g. leaving your belongings behind somewhere in the park, it may be a good idea to visit and grasp the location first.

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