【tdr0048】Prohibited to buy the same product in bulk?


There are various ways to enjoy Tokyo Disney Resort; riding many favorite attractions after waiting in line, having Disney-themed meals, seeing the gorgeous parade… but another must-do is souvenir shopping.

If you buy gifts for your family, friends, colleagues and boss as well as souvenirs for yourself, you naturally have to buy a great amount of stuffs. It is easy and reasonable to give out snacks and sweets, so you may buy them in bulk. The packages, especially the can cases are pretty bulky, though.

By the way, there is one thing to be noted when buying such goods.

It is that you can only buy up to 30 units of each product. It is not well-known, but all the shops in Disney Resort have this rule to avoid bulk purchase.

Of course, there are clear reasons behind the rule; one is to prevent the products from being monopolized by one guest, and another is to prevent reselling.

You would be disappointed if you cannot buy a product you wanted. If you find that is because one guest bought a plenty of that, you should be disappointed more.

The second reason, prevention of reselling, is also important. Without the rule, there would be people who buy Disney products in bulk and try to sell them at higher prices in online auction, etc.

It is natural that Tokyo Disney Resort regulates such activity, because Disney fans who could not buy the product would want to buy such products at higher prices.

However, there may be a case where an ordinary guest really needs to buy 30 or more of the same product to give out for his/her friends. If you speak honestly about your situation to staff at cash register, and if there are many in stock, you might be given special permission to buy them.

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