【tdr0017】What is minimized to realize a dreamland?


Tokyo Disney Resort, a huge theme park known as a dreamland, has been attracting a large number of people from all around Japan. It gives them a time to enjoy the attractions and parade away from the reality.

Both children and adults can forget about the reality and abandon themselves to enjoy the time there as though they were residents of the dreamland: That’s the best part of Tokyo Disney Resort.

To satisfy the guests who come in search for a dream experience, Tokyo Disney Resort is making all kinds of efforts. One of them is to decrease the number of something.

What do you think it is?

The answer is: They are minimizing the number of ‘mirrors’.

A mirror is a necessary item in our daily lives and is something we see at least once a day. Although it is such a common daily item, in Tokyo Disney Resort they are trying to keep mirrors out of the guests’ sight as much as possible. The reason why they try so hard to do so is because mirrors remind the guests of the real world.

No matter how hard they try to create a dream space, a sight of yourself in the mirror, which you see every day, reminds you of the real world and drags you away from the dream. Then, you may not be able to enjoy the experience there from the bottom of your heart. In that case, it is not a dreamland any more.

To avoid such situation, the number of mirrors is reduced to the utmost. There is no mirror even at washing stands in the bathrooms. (There are mirrors at the make-up spaces in the ladies’ rooms.

Their professionalism in thinking about the guests and trying to protect Tokyo Disney Resort as a dreamland is much to be admired.

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