【tdr0011】How is maintenance performed on Tokyo Disney Resort?


Tokyo Disney Resort has a set of principles called “SCSE”:

○ Safety: Ensure safety in operation.
○ Courtesy: Treat the guests with courtesy.
○ Show: Let the guests experience the best show.
○ Efficiency: Ensure efficiency in operation.

Tokyo Disney Resort is the Japan’s largest theme park, but is pursuing a reasonable and realistic operation under these principles. By setting fairly strict safety standards, it is trying hard to prevent the worst case from happening, as even a dreamland cannot be enjoyed if it is not safe.

Since a large number of attractions are operating in that vast area almost every day – for more than 10 hours each day, adequate management, inspections and maintenance must be performed to avoid catastrophic accidents.

To perform management, inspections and maintenance on that amount of attractions, a great deal of manpower and labor are required. In fact, there are as many as around 1,000 engineers in charge of management, inspections and maintenance on the attractions.

Well, thinking about the number of attractions to maintain, it is natural that there are so many engineers.

Some of the attractions have as many as 1,400 items to check in the maintenance, which even makes us wonder if that number of engineers is enough. We have to recognize and appreciate those who are ensuring safety behind the scenes when enjoying the attractions.

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