【tdr0010】The Disney Resort Line was planned to be free-of-charge?


The Disney Resort Line is a monorail opened on July 27, 2001, which links the Disney facilities inside Tokyo Disney Resort.

For both the interior and the exterior of the train, Disney characters are used to the full extent – for example, the windows and the straps are all formed in the shape of Mickey Mouse. The monorail itself is very fun to ride and makes us more excited about being in the Disney Resort.

The monorail runs every 4 – 13 minutes and has a total length of 5 km. It takes less than 10 minutes to go around the loop, so there are many people who take it to go around the Disney Resort as though enjoying a small attraction.

Before the opening of this popular and convenient Disney Resort Line, the company was first thinking about offering it free-of-charge at the initial planning stage. It may sound impossible, but they actually thought they should not set fares for the vehicle running inside the Disney Resort because it is a “dreamland”. In the end, however, they were not able to make it free-of-charge.

Anyone would think it was because of the operation cost or facility cost. But in fact, it was the “Railway Business Act” of Japan that made them set the fare. The current Railway Business Act specifies that, if a railway line has one or more stations where passengers can get on/off the train, fare must be set for the line. As the Disney Resort Line falls under the requirement, the company was not permitted to make it free-of-charge.

Well, it cannot be helped; there is nothing even a dreamland can do, if the law says so.

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