【tdr0008】The reason and secret behind the name “Maihama Station”


The Maihama Station, the nearest station to Tokyo Disney Resort, is always alive with a lot of people. By the way, did you know that the station was not originally planned to be named as Maihama Station?

As the station was going to be the nearest one to Tokyo Disney Resort, people must have thought it would be named as something like “Disney Station” or “Disney Resort Station”.

Actually, Oriental Land thought the same and submitted to the Walt Disney Productions a proposal to name it as “Tokyo Disneyland Station”. However, the name was rejected.

The reason of the rejection was that, if the name “Tokyo Disneyland Station” was approved, the brand name “Disney” would be added to the names of restaurants and shops around the station. Especially chain shops and restaurants would have to use the station name to identify which branch of the chain it is.

The Walt Disney Productions did not want these shops and restaurants to be identified by the name “Tokyo Disneyland Station Branch”. They worried that especially the use of the word “Disneyland” in the izakaya (Japanese-style pub) or pachinko shop names could damage the brand image.

There were also other reasons, but anyway, after the name was rejected, the Oriental Land punned on “Miami Beach” in Florida, where the Walt Disney World Resort is located, to name the station “Maihama Station” (“hama” means “beach” in English).

Miami Beach and Maihama … Makes sense, doesn’t it?

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