【tdr0004】Origin of the name “Oriental Land”


The Oriental Land Co., Ltd. is a business holding company operating and managing the Tokyo Disney Resort, composed of Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea, under a license agreement with the Walt Disney Company in the United States, as well as real estate business.

The Oriental Land’s steady effort and persistent negotiations resulted in the success in inviting Disneyland to Japan, which has developed into a giant theme park that Japan can boast about to the world.

By the way, you may be familiar with the name Oriental Land but may not have given much attention to the company itself. The word “Oriental Land” sounds like some theme park, but don’t you wonder how the company was named so?

“Oriental land” literally means “country/land of the East” (translated as “Toyo-no-Kuni” or “Toyo-no-Tochi” in Japanese), which suggests the origin of the name. With an ambition to build the greatest leisure facility in the Orient, they named it “Oriental Land”. The name pretty much explains itself, doesn’t it?

The company really lives up to its name; its theme parks have become comparable to counterparts in the world, let alone in the Orient…

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