tdr0734_Limited time different version of “Gyoza Dog” exists?


“Gyoza Dog” started sell from the day Tokyo DisneySea opened and now it is famous wagon food that represents Tokyo DisenySea.

Inside dough of thin and 7.87 inch long minced pork, scallion, bamboo, and ginger is stuffed fully and it stimuli the appetite just smelling it.

The popularity of “Gyoza Dog” is still popular that it makes huge queue of guests wanting to buy “Gyoza Dog” in front of “Refreshment Stage” even it has been 10 years.

The popularity never gets weak.

Anyway, such popular wagon food “Gyoza Dog” there is a “special version” that only gets sell limited time during certain event.

That special version is …”Black Gyoza Dog”.

It is a black colored Gyoza Dog that started sells as a special menu limited Halloween event and on the side face of “Jack-o’-Lantern”.

Also, there is a huge difference on the taste that it uses flavor oil, so it is bit spicy not just the way it looks.

Because it is Halloween the taste and the way it looks became wild.

The popularity of “Black Gyoza Dog” that boosts up the Halloween atmosphere is huge. It tends to get sold out quick, so I recommend to go and get it quick if you want to try it.

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