tdr0629_Gyoza Dog was sold at other than “Refreshment Station”?


“Gyoza Dog” is a fast food that represents Tokyo DisneySea.

It is a very famous wagon food that is sold at “Refreshment Station” of Mysterious Island.

It is started to sold at the same time Tokyo DisneySea opened, but guests who wish to get “Gyoza Dog” made queue and there was a time the waiting time became 2 hours.

TV medias often picks up “Gyoza Dog” and it was like “you are missing out having no Gyoza Dog when visiting Tokyo DisneySea”, so “Gyoza Dog’s” fever never decreased.

Tokyo DisneySea considered about the popularity of it, so temporary increased the store of “Gyoza Dog”. That store was “Seaside Snack” that sells popular wagon food “Ukiwa Bun”.

Now “Seaside Snack” is crowded for “Ukiwa Bun”, but when “Gyoza Dog” stated to sell at there and “Ukiwa Bun” wasn’t there yet, so it wasn’t a busy shop.

So, Seaside Snack sold “Gyoza Dog” to break up the queue until the popularity of “Gyoza Dog” settle.

Then selling “Gyoza Dog” stopped as the popularity settled and started to sell “Ukiwa Bun” that becomes new popular food after.

“Gyoza Dog” and “Ukiwa Bun” is popular wagon food that competing number one or two at Tokyo DisneySea.

It is one of food that should be eaten when visiting Tokyo DisneySea.

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