tdr0599_Casbah food court used to have “curry buffet”


Tokyo DisneySea has theme port called “Arabian Coast”.

“Arabian Cost” is a world that created with magic of “Genie” who appears in Disney film of “Aladdin”.

It is a theme port of Tokyo DisneySea that reminds you world of Arabian night.

And “Casbah food court”, which is a counter service type restaurant is a must for the meal at world with Arabian atmosphere.

This restaurant carries Arabian cuisine like curry or tandoori chicken that it is such a popular restaurant that can enjoy “real Arabian cuisine but suited for Japanese”.

Especially curry is popular that there are three different kinds of curry on grand menu.

Set meal with curry (chicken, beef, or shrimp), rice, and naan is perfect for guests who love curry.

With such “Casbah food court” used to have “curry buffet” other than counter service.

“Curry buffet” appeared irregularly from December 2004 to February 2010.

The number of kinds of curry that this restaurant had was 6 kinds, which is double than current state that of course typical beef curry, keema curry, or vegetable curry and also side menu were variously provided.

At this restaurant guests can combine Arabian cuisine, which cannot be eaten that often as they want, so “curry buffet” is always a success. But unfortunately it doesn’t occur anymore and there is no plan of doing it.

Many guests miss “curry buffet”, so I hope it comes back someday.

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