tdr0591_”Secret room” that is hidden at Magellan’s


Inside attraction called “Fortress Exploration”, which is located in Mediterranean Harbor of Tokyo DisneySea has three restaurants such as “Magellan’s”, “Magellan’s Lounge”, and “Refrescos”.

Among those restaurants, “Magellan’s” is named after explorer “Ferdinand Magellan” who was active in Age of Discover, so it is gathering popularity as a classical restaurant that carries prix-fixe menu of world’s countries.

Inside the restaurants has ornaments that remind you 16th Century and there is diameter of 13.12 feet globe at center of restaurant.

The lights that give such unique atmosphere and warmness will create fantastic time.

Anyway, there is other “secret” that such “Magellan’s” gathering popularity.

That secret is “secret room” that is hidden inside the restaurant.

Actually, inside “Magellan’s” there is a “secret room” that can only be entered from hidden entrance other than normal tables.

The entrance of the “secret room” is hidden with “retro bookshelf”, which seems an ordinary bookshelf.

The door opens when fiddle around “certain place” of bookshelf that has thick books lined up and you can enter wine cellar that has wine barrels.

That wine cellar is the “secret room” and the atmosphere that surrounded by walls boosts up V.I.P feeling.

It is depending on the day if you get to go to that wine cellar.

You might be lucky to get to that secret room when it has available seats when requesting “wine cellar room” when visiting the restaurant, but when it is not available you will be guided to other seats.

If you really want to enter the “secret room” then either make a reservation with more than party of 7 or use priority seating from Internet the possibility of entering that room increases, so please give a try.

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