tdr0588_When “Gyoza dog” appeared guests had to wait for 2 hours?


“Gyoza dog” is very popular wagon food that is sold with wagon “refreshment station” that is located in Mysterious Island of Tokyo DisneySea.

It is sold since September 4th, which Tokyo DisneySea opened and now it became famous wagon food that represents Tokyo DisneySea.

There is always a queue in front of “refreshment station”, so it is always crowded.

Anyway, such “Gyoza Dog” had overwhelming popularity that keeps away other foods since it started selling.

Because Tokyo DisneySea opened, so there were huge queue with guests willing to get “Gyoza Dog” and the queue became 2 hours long maximum.

This waiting time is just same as the waiting time of popular attraction.

To wait for 2 hours for snack… that’s how much this product gathered good reputation.

When Tokyo DisneySea opened, TV media broadcasted “Tokyo DisneySea special edition” every day and “Gyoza Dog” was taken up as a part of it, so that probably gave an influence.

During Halloween event in 2012, “Black Gyoza Dog” appeared as a special menu.

“Gyoza Dog” is so popular that even derivatives occur.

It is one of food that you might want to have when visiting Tokyo DisneySea.

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