tdr0575_Tokyo DisneySea’s “Sailing Day Buffet” planed to be different name?


“Sailing Day Buffet” is priority-seating restaurant located American Waterfront of Tokyo DisneySea.

It is the only buffet style restaurant of Tokyo DisneySea, so appetizers and sides like salad or soup and of course the main menu of meat and fish dishes are richly provided.

Because it is located between “S.S Columbia” and “Tower of Terror”, so it is set like having party at cargo terminal, machine laboratory or office and you can enjoy meals of all over the world.

Anyway, “Sailing Day Buffet” is a very popular restaurant, because it can enjoy any dishes the guests like, but it supposed to have different name.

The name supposed to be “Columbia Von Voyage”.

It is created by combining “S.S Columbia” and “Von Voyage”, but it never had chance to be used.

The reason is because Disney shop “Von Voyage” existed already near Maihama Station.

I am sure many people know, but it is the biggest Disney Shop in Japan that can be enjoy shopping without going inside the park.

The exterior of shop has ideas of suitcases and hat cases that were popular with American travelers in 1930’s and since it opened March 2001, it is receiving huge support by people who want to shop calmly.

“Sailing Day Buffet” opened on September 4th 2008, which is the same day Tokyo DisneySea opened.

“Von Voyage” already opened 7 years before that, so putting the name of “Columbia Von Voyage” is not appropriate.

Plus, some people get confuse which one is which.

That is why “Columbia Von Voyage” decided not to use and opened as “Sailing Day Buffet”.

But to use “sailing day” as the shop’s name is romantic and fantastic, don’t you think?

It turned out to be all right in the end having this name.

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