【tdr0456】“Chandu tail”, which is the draw at the “Sultan’s Oasis”


“Arabian Coast” that is created at Tokyo DisneySea by the wish of Sultan King who made geine in lamp free.

This theme port has restaurant that named after Sultan to the honor of him, who made wonderful wish.

That restaurant is called “Sultan’s Oasis”.

It is a counter service restaurant that has about 140 seats outside.

So, there is a popular food called “Chandu Tail (Chicken cream)”, which is draw of “Sultan’s Oasis”.

It has striped pattern of orange and brown that some people think it looks like “the tail of Tigger”, but this was created in motif of baby tiger “Chandu” that appears in “Sinbad Storybook Voyage”, which is an attraction that is located at Arabian coast also.

Chicken cream, corn, and onion are inside and it has gentle flavor that it is not too strong.

That character does not appear in Disney films or not a character that is getting spotlight like Duffy has, but Chandu is making guest’s stomach feel better as a typical delicious food.

This will defiantly make you feel warm on especially the cold day.

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