tdr0992_The reason why Sindbad’s Seven Voyages has been renewed?


Boat typed ride attraction “Sindbad’s Seven Voyages” is located in Arabian Coast of Tokyo DisneySea.

It is an attraction that used the most number of “audio animatronics” at Tokyo DisneySea and can experience the voyage of Sindbad and baby tiger Chandu.

“Sindbad’s Seven Voyages” is very popular since it is a fun attraction that guests can gets excitement of voyage with spectacular background music, but that is a story after the renewal that “Sindbad’s Seven Voyages” before the renewal had not much popularity as it has now.

“Sindbad’s Seven Voyages” was opened on September 4th 2001, which is the day Tokyo DisneySea opened.

It is a story based on narrative story collection “One Thousand and One Nights” that Sindbad who used enormous amount of property almost all changed his attitude to go on voyage by arranging all the things he would needs while on voyage and fine boat, but because the attraction was influenced by original image, so it had very dark and gave fearful impact.

Kids didn’t accept that atmosphere, so it closed on September 29th 2006 to get 6 months of repair work then it reopened on March 23rd 2007 as “Sindbad’s Storybook Voyage”.

In result, attraction took out the dark atmosphere.

It totally changed to a bright atmosphere and became a popular attraction.

Popularity changes by atmosphere even with same theme … it is one of examples that tell us how important the performance is.

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