tdr0971_Waiting time of Tower of Terror somtime shows unlucky number?


The popular attraction “Tower of Terror’s” waiting time gets more than an hour on weekends.

It is a horror attraction that represents Tokyo DisneySea, but sometime that waiting time gets display with unlucky numbers.

That number is “13”.

“13” is unlucky number in the West and it is a number avoided.

There are famous horror films like ” Friday the 13th” or “13 steps”, so I am sure Japanese people recognize “13 is unlucky number”.

With Tower of terror has performance that incite terror by displaying the unlucky number when there is 10 minutes of waiting”.

By the way it does the same thing with Tokyo Disneyland’s “Haunted Mansion” that when the waiting time is 10 minutes it is set to display 13 minutes.

Both attractions is very popular, so it is quite hard to see that number, but if visiting when it is not crowded, please check it out.

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