tdr0970_Renewed Mermaid Lagoon Theatre “King Triton’s Concert”


“Mermaid Lagoon Theatre” opened at the same time Tokyo DisneySea opened, which is on September 4th 2001.

As the name of the theatre it is a show typed attraction that is in motif of film “The Little Mermaid” and it is located inside of “Triton’s Kingdom”, which is indoor facility.

Anyway musical “Under the Sea” that Ariel and her friends sing about “how wonderful the sea is” was performed for over about 13 years since the attraction opened, but the performance ended on April 6th 2014.

After that stage, lighting, stage sets, and the whole facility was renewed and “King Triton’s Concert” with theme of film “The Little Mermaid” started perform from April 24th 2015.

“King Triton’s Concert” is a concert hosted by king Triton.

It became a dynamic performance with familiar characters like heroine Ariel, Flounder, or Sebastian sing.

Since the renewal it has only been couple months, so many people still haven’t watched “King Triton’s Concert”.

If you still haven’t watched how about watching the wonderful musical next time?

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