tdr0826_Where is the Temple of the Crystal Skull’s fountain of the youth is at?


“Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull” is a ride type attraction that is created in motif of film “Indiana Jones” series.

It is an attraction is about “new discovery tour of “fountain of youth””, which is assistant of archeologist Indiana Jones, Paco’s idea for moneymaking, but do you know where the “fountain of Youth” is at?

The place “fountain of youth” is at towards the end of attraction.

The “Crystal Skull” appears right after getting on the ride and the ride turns towards right hugely. At that time there is blue light wavering on the wall at the back of right hand side and this light is the light reflected on “fountain of youth”.

….Yes, guests can only see the “reflection of light”, therefore guests cannot see the “fountain of youth” directly.

Moreover, “reflection of light” can only be seen split second. This cannot be confirmed when knowing the place beforehand.

It is quite sad that it cannot be seen directly even it is a new discovery tour, but it is worth seeing even it is “light reflection”.

Please enjoy the light of “fountain of youth” having preparation.

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