tdr0823_Amount of water of Aquatopia changes depending on the season?


“Aquatopia” is a ride type attraction that is located in Port Discovery of Tokyo DisneySea.

It is an attraction that is perfect for summer that it can be enjoyed by going on 3-seater vehicle and move forward on the course with water.

Aquatopia is popular because it moves randomly, unpredictable movement, exhilarating feeling that can be felt because it is outdoor attraction, and water splash, but did you know there are certain difference on this attraction in summer and winder?

The difference is “amount of water”.

Actually the amount of water during summer has more and less during winter.

The reason why the amount of water during summer has more is to “make the guests feel cool”.

When getting wet little it feels cool and clothes are easy to dry during this time of the year, so there is no problem when the amount of water is high.

Oppositely, the reason why the amount of water during winter has less is to “not let guests to get cold”.

Temperature gets low and wind from north gets strong during winter. When getting wet during this season the body temperature gets lower and it may cause cold.

Therefore, the amount of water is adjusted to low.

Performance that considered guest and occurring according to the season is things that only Disney could do. Isn’t it wonderful?

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