tdr0788_Genie is everywhere! Find hidden Genie at The Magic Lamp Theatre


Finding “hidden Mickey” is becoming a typical ways of enjoy the Tokyo Disney Resort, but not just Mickey that is hiding.

Depending on the places sometime characters that are related to that place are hiding.

Today I am going to introduce “hidden Genie” as one of hidden characters.

Genie in lamp is familiar from film “Aladdin” and he is hiding at “The Magic Lamp Theatre”, which is an attraction at Arabian Coast of Tokyo DisneySea.

1.Hidden Genie on Tapestry

Before going inside the attraction building, there is blue tapestry with “Shaban” on it, which is a character that appears in attraction at building that is in setting on “courtyard tent of palace”, and at the corner of right and left top pattern of “Genie” is on it.

2. Hidden Genie on pot

Inside the “courtyard tent of palace there is a huge pot with picture of Genie, which is around the center basket with Bekeet (snake) in it.

3. Hidden Genie on poster

Genie is on the poster of attraction that is posted on the side of ticket booth at park entrance with Shaban, but I want you to pay attention to the picture on the pot, which is at Shaban’s leg. Genie is right beside the picture of lamp, so cheeky.

It means characters are hidden unexpected areas.

There are probably more of hidden Genie that has not been found, so how about finding one?

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