tdr0781_Gods’ anger! The mechanism of waterfall of Raging Spirits blowing out fire


“Raging Spirit” is an attraction that opened at Lost River Delta of Tokyo DisneySea on July 21st 2005.

It is a popular attraction that it is also called “anger loop coaster”, because of the 360 degree vertical rotation, which is the highlight of this attraction and supernatural phenomenon that happens by anger of gods.

Anyway, this attraction’s real pleasure is of course the 360 degree vertical rotation loop! But supernatural phenomenon by gods’ anger is also Raging Spirits’ highlight too.

Especially, the waterfall at entrance of attraction that people get surprised. Actually, you can see the “performance of fire blowing out from the water” at here.

Fire blowing out from the water doesn’t really happen.

Then how the fire coming out from the water?

The mechanism is quite easy.

By blowing out gas on the surface of water to catch the fire.

Pipe is installed invisibly and letting out the gas from the hole of the pipe. By putting fire on that gas it looks like fire is blowing out from the water, so around the waterfall you can smell of gas.

It is such an amazing performance to create the supernatural phenomenon by gods.

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