tdr0754_Just like single rider, attraction that gives priority to double rider


Did you know that system of “single rider” that guide single rider to attraction as a priority at Tokyo Disney Resort?

It is efficient system that prioritizes the single rider when there is an empty seat or having one seat empty and attraction having this system is not so many, but this is a recommended way for people who are going on the ride on yourself.

Anyway, “single rider” system is so convenient, but there is an attraction that gives priority to not single, but “double rider” at Tokyo DisneySea.

That attraction is “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea”.

It is an attraction that searches mystery of Ancient Civilization that sank under the sea by going on 6-seater submarine shaped ride.

But why this attraction gives priority to double rider?

The secret is hidden with number of capacity of this ride.

As I have explained above, the number of capacity of “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” is 6 people per ride.

But it doesn’t mean group of 6 guests go on the ride every time, so empty seats tend to occur and 2 or 3 empty seats continue to be empty when group of 3 or 4 guests like family going on the ride.

This is inefficient right? So, for that empty seats double riders get guided as priority.

It is excellent consideration for guests who get guided faster and it also boosts up the rotation rate of guests, so it is one stone killing two birds. It is such an efficient service.

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