tdr0749_Something was handed out in Tokyo before “Tower of Terror” opened


“Tower of Terror” is “scariest in history of Tokyo DisneySea” free fall type attraction that falls from 193.57 feet up high.

It opened in American Waterfront on September 4th 2006 and since that it is always popular that it’s a “typical attraction”.

Anyway, the time before such popular “Tower of Terror” opened some advertisement occurred in Tokyo ahead of opening the attraction.

The advertisement is “special printing of newspaper” written about Tower of Terror.

The special printing of newspaper was handed out twice, which was on July 28th 2006 (at several places like Tokyo Station) and September 2nd and 3rd (at Shinjuku and Shibuya).

On the cover of special printing newspaper that handed out in July says…

“MYSTERY! “TOWER OF TERROR” “American Waterfront millionaire disappeared sudden!!!”

These words lined up and on the spread says…

“Paranormal phenomenon!? Mystery disaster”

It was written about the owner “Hightower III” and cursed idol “Shriki Utundu”.

On the cover of special printing newspaper that handed out in September says…

“Be revived 13 years ago memory… “Terror Hotel” Tour starts September 4th!!”

These sentences lined up and on the spread says…

“Nightmare of 13 years ago, mystery disappearance drama” “Approaching the whole picture of the tour!”

As you can see titles and sentences that seem actually exists filled up the page. It is so real that if the person didn’t know about Disney then that person would think it is happening for real.

That is how much “Tower of Terror” is best recommended attraction for Disney.

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