tdr0692_Buffet party was held at “Tower of Terror”?


“Tower of Terror” is known as the scariest attraction ever of Tokyo DisneySea.

Since it opened on September 4th 2006, it is a popular free fall type attraction at all times.

Because the impact of the height of 193.57 feet and spent enormous amount of money, which was $21 billion on this attraction, so the popularity grew before it opened and at test-ride events that prepared several times gathered applications over capacity of that event.

One of such popular “Tower of Terror’s” test-ride events there was some interesting attempt was occurred. Which is “Tower of Terror Preview Banquet” that was held on August 30th 2006.

Actually, at this test-ride event “buffet party” was on the option. To held test-ride event and buffet party together is quite a new style, but what kind of party was it?

The venue was at Hotel Hightower, which is that set in Tower of Terror’s first floor lobby. The party named “New York City Preservation Association Tour Launch Party” started.

When speaking of “New York City Preservation Association”, it is an association that established by a daughter of “Cornelius Endicott III” who is a rival of Hotel Hightower’s owner “Hightower III”.

Yes, it brought into the setting of this party attraction.

Therefore, the date of the event said “August 30th 1912″ according to the setting and participants experienced feeling of as if they were in the story of “Tower of Terror”.

By the way, performance by musicians that playing at “Sailing Day Buffet”, which is Tokyo DisneySea restaurant was performed and participants enjoyed all you can drink wine, gorgeous food, and sweets while listing to the beautiful music.

If this kind of event will be held in the future it is interesting to participate.

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