tdr0672_The longest waiting time that “Toy Story Mania” made


Tens and thousands of guests visit Tokyo Disney Resort everyday.

People come and visit from all over the Japan and all over the world, so it is obvious that waiting line of popular attractions become long.

The waiting time becomes 2 to 3 hours on popular attractions.

It would be the best if the “fastpass” can be used to make the waiting time shorter, but “fastpass” of popular attractions tend to sold out right after the park opens, so I am sure there are many people have experienced wait in the huge line patiently.

Anyway, the attraction waiting line gets longer as the attraction popularity increases, but there is an attraction that has dreadful record. Which attraction do you think has the longest waiting time in the history of Tokyo Disney Resort?

The attraction that has longest waiting time record is “Toy Story Mania!”, which is an attraction that is created in motif of Pixar’s famous film “Toy Story”.

It is a ride type shooting attraction that opened in American Waterfront of Tokyo DisneySea on July 9th 2012. Because the film is so popular the waiting time of “400 minutes (6hrs 40min) was recorded on the first day.

It is incredible as it is, but in a week a record that increased this number of minutes have achieved.

The longest record was achieved on July 16th (Mon) 2012.

On that day it was “marine day”, which is a national holiday, so Tokyo Disney Resort was crowded even before the park open.

The park opened at 8:55am and the fastpass of “Toy Story Mania!” was sold out after few minuets. The waiting time was “300minutes (5hrs) as of 9:20am and 5 minutes after that it became “480 minutes (8hrs)”.

Moreover, the waiting time recorded a miracle record of “500 minutes (8hrs 20min) as of 9:34am.

If the line moves as the time says then it would be 6pm…The day is ruined by queuing up.

Plus it was summer time. It might affect some problems to the body when queuing up long time under the sun.

By the way, attraction that have recorded second longest waiting line is Tokyo Disneyland’s “Pooh’s Hunny Hunt” and the time was “360 minutes (6hrs).

The waiting time of this also long, but it seems much better comparing to “500 minutes”.

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