tdr0653_Owner’s self-assertion is aggressive? The certain thing that is set in front of fireplace of “Tower of Terror”


“Tower of Terror” is “DisneySea’s scariest ever ” free fall attraction.

The fear of falling from the highest place in Tokyo Disney Resort can experience thrill just like the catch copy says.

Anyway, many people probably already know, but “Tower of Terror” is originally a hotel that builds by “Hightower III”. So the name used to be “Hotel Hightower”.

Certainly the “Tower of Terror” is tallest building at Tokyo DisneySea, but his self-assertion is bit aggressive.

May be it is “Hightower III’s” who is an owner taste, but there is a thing that makes you think his aggressive self-assertion at hotel lobby.

There is a fireplace on the right side of lobby and please take a close look of “safety fence” that is set in front of the fireplace.

It engraved saying “high tower” hugely in Japanese horizontally.

I think it went from “Hightower III→Hotel Hightower→High Tower”, and this seems asserting himself way too aggressive or more like it sounds like “he loves himself”.

Disney never compromise details, but it is surprising how it is done so straight forward.

It is such a playful performance.

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