tdr0618_Where the cursed idol of “Tower of Terror” coming from?


“Tower of Terror” is a free fall attraction that is known by a catch copy of “scariest in DisneySea history”.

Feeling of floating when elevator falls and the fear is just like the catch copy says.

Anyway, what we cannot forget when speaking of “Tower of Terror” is the existence of “the cursed idol “Shiriki Utundu”.

He is a ringleader who made the hotel owner “Harrison Hightower III” disappear and ruined hotel, but do you know where he came from?

“Shiriki Utundu” used to enshrine African Continent Congo basin. This idol protects his own tribes and he has power of putting curse on people who attacks, but he was sent around between tribes, because he started to create disaster to his own tribes.

Hightower III marked “Shriki Utundu” out as one of his antique collections, so he asked to purchase it to “Mutundu tribes” who had “Shriki Utundu” at that time, but he was rejected, so he seized it.

“Shiriki Utundu” was brought into Hotel Hightower for the unveiling party of “Shiriki Utundu” on December 31st in the same year.

And when Hightower III went on the elevator with that idol in his hand the accident fall that became an attraction happened.

Hightower III didn’t believe the curse and treated Shriki Utundu bad, so the whole hotel got cursed.

It kind of makes you think if he didn’t go to Africa where it is so far away and didn’t seize the thing with shady history…

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