tdr0600_Aladdin appears on Sinbad’s Storybook Voyage?


“Arabian Coast” is a theme port of Tokyo DisneySea which recreated the world of Arabian night.

It is a theme port that is created by “Genie” who appears in Aladdin made “Sultan king’s” wish come true.

The view of buildings that are like palace is fantastic.

It makes you feel you really have entered in world of Arabian night.

Attraction that is blending in such “Arabian Coast’s” world is “Sinbad’s Storybook Voyage”, which cannot be left out to talk about Arabian Coast.

This attraction uses “audio animatronics”, which is Walt Disney Imagineering’s own technology more than any other attractions of Tokyo DisneySea and it is experience type attraction that creates atmosphere of adventure of Sinbad and baby tiger Chandu that is full of presence.

Since it renovated the popularity boosted up, but “certain characters” are hidden secretly during the experiencing the attraction.

That characters are “main character Aladdin” and “heroine Jasmine” from Disney film “Aladdin”.

These characters appear at the end of attraction, which is the scene where you can see Sinbad who is located on left side before the landing place and Chandu sleeping in front of Sinbad’s boat.

Jasmine and Aladdin on magic carpet is drawn at center of map, which hanged between Sinbad and Chandu.

It reminds you the scene from film and they are drawn so small.

You might not able to find it for first time, but please check it out when you do visit this attraction.

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