tdr0581_Overwhelming amount of money that used on “Toy Story Mania!”


“Toy Story Mania!” opened at Tokyo DisneySea on July 9th 2012.

It is a ride type attraction that uses “Toy Story”, which is Pixar’s popular film series and 3D image for the first time at Tokyo Disney Resort.

26.24 feet big of Woddy’s face that appears inside “ToyVille Trolly Park”, which is located at American Waterfront area that has image of good old days of traveling fair.

When entering the attraction from Woddy’s mouth then the guests become the size of toys without noticing.

The huge cards and toys that exist on the waiting queue boosts up the feeling of “becoming toy size”.

And by getting inside the toy box, which is so world of “Toy Story” and when seeing three dimension images by wearing 3D glasses while riding “tram” will defiantly make you excited.

“Toy Story Mania!” that has performance that grabs fan’s heart richly.

The strong persistency is shown with investment cost hugely.

Actually $1.15 billion of money was invested on “Toy Story Mania!”

This enormous amount of money is more than other attractions of Tokyo DisneySea.

“Toy Story Mania!” used this much of money and persistence all the way.

The amount of money is overwhelming that it doesn’t really click, but that has that much of value.

I would like to recommend experiencing this attraction for people who haven’t experienced yet.

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