【tdr0471】”Center of the Earth” is not an official name for it?


“Center of the Earth” is a fastest attraction at Tokyo Disney Resort that maximum speed is 46mph.

It is a thrilling ride type attraction that represents Tokyo DisneySea.

It is in motif of film “Journey to the Center of the Earth”, which is created based on novelist Jules Gabriel Verne’s masterpiece “Voyage au centre de la terre”.

Going on terravator, which is elevator (Terra + elevator), going down 2629 feet to head the center of the earth, going on the subterranean Vehicle, and attraction starts.

So, there is more for the name of this attraction “Center of the Earth”.

Did you know that official name for this attraction is written on official website, English guidebook, or entrance of the attraction?

The original name is “Journey to the Center of the Earth”.

The title is just like the attraction is about.

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