【tdr0445】How many floors “Tower of Terror” has?


“Tower of Terror” is familiar with catch copy of “most scariest in the history of DisneySea”.

It is free fall attraction from height of 193.5 ft and is built at American Waterfront by spending about $210 million of construction fee and the fear from that high is exactly the catch copy says.

It is a popular attraction that many guests scream always.

So, “Tower of Terror” is the tallest building at Tokyo Disney Resort, but do you know how many floors it has?

May be some people think “Tower of Terror is devoted hotel, so 13 floors?” and people who have experienced the attraction few times then probably knowing that “elevator stops at 13th floor”, but it has 14 floors.

Elevator stops at 13th floor and to get 14th floor there is stairs from 13th floor.

Blind spot that elevator is not running on every floor.

By the way, 14th floor is the room of “Hightower Ⅲ” who is an owner of “Tower of Terror (Hotel Hightower)”.

The day him going back to his own room after the elevator falling by curse from an icon “Shiriki Utundu” will come?

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