【tdr0437】Amazing backstage of “Turtle Talk”


“Turtle Talk” is an attraction opened on October 1st 2009 by pouring total contraction cost of about $1.3 billion on the stern of “S.S Columbia”, which is located American Waterfront of Tokyo DisneySea.

This is Tokyo Disney Resort first attraction that guests can have conversation with Disney characters in real time and it drew huge attentions when it opened.

The character you can have conversation is turtle that appears in Disney film of “Finding Nemo” “Crush”.

It is a show type attraction that guests can have conversation using hydrophone (microphone) with Crush that projects onto huge screen that is like huge glass window that separates the ocean and audience and this is created very cleverly.

Show itself goes on with casts and Crush and the free conversation they have is more than you can imagine.

He responses different questions that guests ask.

This is a proof that his voice is not recorded and he is actually having conversation.

And more than anything his mouth moves along what he says and his facial expression changes.

How come this could be created…..Isn’t it wonderful?

The trick is like this.

Cast who does his voice is hiding at place where guests cannot see and the computer recognizes the voice of cast and changes the facial expression or the way his mouth moves along the voice.

The way the computer graphic that quality is same as films moves immediately along the voice needs very high technology. This is why it took high construction fee.

There are few casts doing Crush’s voice and is performing in rotation, so it gets different depending on the day, but it is a gift from cast’s skillful talk and Disney’s high technology that guests can enjoy the conversation with Crush in real time.

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